Surf & Stream Campground guests can search National and State Parks with just one click

Toms River, NJ (PRWEB) September 03, 2014 As if the Internet didn’t make researching vacation getaways easy enough, outdoors enthusiasts can now view nearly 4,000 national and state parks with just one click. In an effort to create the simplest guide to research parks and their amenities all over the country, blogger, Seth Teicher created…

Surf Industry E-News Issue 14

Huck Finn and Tom Sawyer didn’t need shoes, let alone a guide, to get outdoors.That’s not how things are today. Once upon a time, children grew up playing outside: fishing the local creek, riding their bikes or building forts in the woods. But “that’s not the norm anymore,” said Ivan Levin, senior director of programs…

Surf Industry E-News Issue 13

Campgrounds can be one of the worst places to be during severe weather. Spring and summer are the most popular seasons to go camping, but they are also the peak of severe weather. Tents and RV’s don’t provide good shelter from storms as tents are easily blown over and won’t block flying or falling debris….

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