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Surf & Stream Campground Welcomes Back Guests to RV Park

Surf & Stream Campground

New Jersey Governor Phil Murphy signs Executive Order allowing campgrounds to reopen to seasoned campers

Surf & Stream Campground is now accepting seasonal contracted campers. Transient campers will not be allowed until further notice from the New Jersey Governor’s office. The RV Park has been closed to seasonal guests since the state-wide government mandated closures on all non-essential businesses began on March 16th. The campground is pleased to announce their gates will be opening back up to seasonal contracted campers ONLY this weekend.

According to Executive Order 133, campgrounds have implemented preventative measures to ensure a safe camping environment for their guests including: monitoring groups to prohibit gatherings; enforcing social distancing; requiring employees to wear masks while on site; enabling online and phone check-ins; and recreation facilities such as playgrounds, arcades, and swimming pools will remain closed.

The news comes after NJ Governor Phil Murphy announced that all state, county parks and golf courses may reopen on Saturday, May 2nd.

For information on booking a campsite, visit Surf & Stream Campground’s website at http://www.surfnstream.com or call 732.349.8919.